Wetter is Better – Steamy Shower Set


With 2022, comes ALL THE THINGS in the BXB Studio! Here’s our first surprise…

I am so excited to announce a very special add-on available : Steamy Shower & Wet Set! A set that is perfect for everyone wanting to get a little *spicy* and step out of the “normal” boudoir setting of the bedroom! For a small fee in addition to your session fee, you can choose from a few new sets to add on to your Experience. More details coming soon…

There’s no need to stress over what to wear… My clients have stripped down completely or have kept on their outfit of choice, and both have turned out completely stunning! One thing is for sure… This set is going to look aaammaaaazinnng!

A white t-shirt + a cheeky pair of undies has been a client favorite so far! Some ladies have even opted for a lingerie set- it’s all up to you and the vibe you’re going for. There’s no wrong answers!

I have a little secret… We don’t have a REAL shower in the studio. This is a fake set-up to look like you’re in the shower!

What’s great about the fact that it’s a faux shower is that you do not have to get wet at all! I spray you with a little misting from a water bottle! There’s no messing up your hair or makeup and you will still be leaving the studio ready for your date night, drinks with the girls or whatever you may have planned for your post-shoot evening! 

Water represents purification, cleansing, and healing. Maybe that’s why the shower is most often the place where clients want to shed their clothing and show off their skin!

Personally, I like to head to the water when life feels heavy. The shower set seemingly has the same effect. As the final part of the session, I’ve seen women come from behind the shower set as a refreshed and renewed woman, like a huge weight has been lifted from their shoulders!

Plus how much sexier can it get?!

Would you choose this ad an add-on to your Experience?


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Bridal Boudoir — The Perfect Gift for your Groom

Many couples rack their brains on what to get each other that truly matches the significance of the day.  It HAS to be more momentous than the typical holiday or birthday gift, yet, also somehow personal and sentimental.  To help you steer away from the typical watch or jewelry to make this gift EXTRA special , we’ve got a better idea… BRIDAL BOUDOIR PHOTOS! — A must have item. 

Boudoir was once considered risqué or taboo and has now been converted into what we love it to be…. a private celebration of the beauty and intimacy between two people.  Putting on bomb lingerie and posing half nude may seem intimidating, but with the right attitude—and the right photographer—a boudoir shoot will be the most empowering and amazing experience, + it’s a gift your spouse will never forget. 

As photographers, we love that we get to celebrate and document the bride,  and seeing this her experience play out right in front of us…she comes to our studio, nervous, but enjoys this confidence boosting experience more than she ever thinks she will, feeling better in her own skin when she leaves, and she gifts her groom with these unforgettable images. It’s a win/win. The love of your life sees you at your best and your worst all while loving you endlessly and thinks you’re gorgeous. Imagine their reaction when you surprise them with a Genuine Italian Leather album of your own gorgeous photos the morning of your wedding day! It’s a gift that will get you both excited for your wedding night and will make your day that much more special!

So much of the wedding prep is about tasks, to-do lists, deadlines and we know how draining that can be. We love that a boudoir session is a time slow down, relax, get pampered, tune out the must-dos, and really just take that step into your new beginning. We like to say, the photos may be for them, but the experience is for YOU babe, This experience is something remarkably special, for the both of you. We promise, you won’t regret it!

We want to help you celebrate this exciting moment in your life, with photos you can hold onto forever!


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Life is short… Do the Session!

Even while living in a world that is FINALLY starting to
embrace body positivity, loving ourselves is still something that many (if not
all) of us struggle with.  It’s so easy to get on social media and see pictures of beautiful women from all over the world and compare ourselves to those people in the photos. But let’s face it - most of these images are photoshopped beyond belief.

How many times have caught yourself wanting to do a boudoir session…
but then you see yourself in the mirror and tell yourself, “I could never because of x, x & x”?

Let me just say. YOURE WRONG!!! Life is too damn short babe, it’s time to start thinking
about yourself! There is a lot in those photos that you are not seeing… What
you are seeing is a beautiful and curated reflection of someone’s life.  But guess what? Every model, influencer, body builder, etc.…they all have insecurities and flaws! And most of the time, there’s some sort of editing involved to show a different version of themselves to the world.

It takes courage, I won’t lie! But, when you finally decide to experience Boudoir, you are
choosing to love your body just as it is, and it’s about damn time! You are
giving yourself grace to accept every chapter that your body has been through, because
that is exactly what every curve, blemish and stretch mark holds…It’s YOUR story.

You have been through SO much that makes you who you are.
And that’s beautiful all in its own, don’t you think?

Every woman deserves to have the boudoir experience, read
that again… YOU DESERVE THIS! You deserve to feel pampered and beautiful…because once we start taking pictures during your session, you will quickly forget about your flaws and begin to truly feel like a bomb a** babe because that’s what you are! Tush Tuesday queen, coming through!

But seriously… Life is too short to worry about your flaws. 

Life is too damn short to get caught up on “what would ___ think?” WHO CARES?!

This is allllll about you! AND YOUVE WAITED SO LONG to love your body.

It’s your story, so change the narrative of your life & your mindset if you want it. The time is NOW to start accepting your body right here and even thanking it for allowing you to breathe.

Even if you don’t do a session just yet, please do alllllllll of the things that make you feel wonderful, beautiful and most of all happy!
We’re here for you!


With love,
the BXB team

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