10 Secrets to an Unforgettable Boudoir Experience

I wholeheartedly believe that Boudoir is an amazingly empowering experience that every woman deserves to have at least once in their lifetime! Today, I’ve got 10 secrets to make sure you have an unforgettable sesh! Are you ready?!

#1: You *are* going to be nervous.  

Seriously. Even in just the smallest of ways! Unless you wear lingerie often or in the model industry, you probably haven’t done anything like this before… and you’re not alone. 

I consider this to be one of the most exciting feelings during your experience – some of the best experiences in life come when we push ourselves out of our own comfort zones! Being nervous means you’re growing. Let yourself blossom!

#2: Plan ahead & think about what you want to do to showcase your photos!

Are you giving your boudoir photos to someone as a gift?  Are you wanting to showcase your photos by hanging them on the wall? Or how about leather bound lay flat album he will keep in his nightstand? Or even a man heirloom box of all your favorite images printed out.

We offer only the highest quality products and only items that our team absolutely loves and recommends. These are purchased separately from your session fee. Plan to save up to your session date, use your Boudie Bank savings account or you may also pre-pay through our website or Venmo for bonuses! Check out those options here.

#3: Try on your outfits at home. 

Make sure all of your pieces fit! And one of the biggest tips ever… make sure all tags are removed. Bring any and all wardrobe items that you love and that make you feel sexy. If you are having trouble picking outfits, bring them all, we LOVE to help choose was will really make your photos everything you’ve wished for!

#4: Personalize your shoot. 

Bring fun or sentimental props to personalize your boudoir shoot and make it a little more *you*. How about a special blanket you bought on vacay or the heirloom necklace you wore at your wedding? Bring anything that makes the shoot special for you! We’ll incorporate it one way or another!

PS- less is more. Don’t over-do it with the props! After all, we want the main focus to be YOU.

#5: You don’t have to bare everything. 

An off-the-shoulder sweater can be just as sexy as a lingerie set.  Your photographer will know how to make anything you bring look great on camera. You do not have to be nude for your photoshoot, as that is a huge misconception when it comes to boudoir. Be comfy if that’s what makes you feel good!

#6: Get your hair + makeup done professionally.  

Many boudoir studios offer hair + makeup as part of your boudoir experience (we DO) – if your studio of choice does, then definitely take advantage of those services… you won’t regret it!  But, if you find that your photographer does not offer this, then we definitely recommend going to your local salon to get these services done beforehand for that extra glamorous look!

#7: Secret Boudoir Session?

Get your lies ready babe. Not that we support lying… but you might be wanting to keep this boudoir shoot a surprise. Will your significant other be wondering why you’re coming home with your hair and makeup professionally done? You can say that you and your girls needed a day at the salon! Or that you’re trying a new makeup brand! We’ve got all the tips on how to keep it a secret until you’re ready to share!

#8: Hire a Photographer that you trust. 

Getting boudoir photos taken is a very personal experience, so you want to go with a photographer you trust. Always read online reviews + talk to the photographer about any concerns that you may have, and don’t be shy about asking ALL of the questions! 

This is an absolute MUST and if you feel nervous, you’ll look nervous in your final images.

#9: And then trust your photographer!  

After you’ve booked your shoot, take a deep breath + let your photographer take control, we know exactly what to do. We know how to pose + light you to get the most flattering images. Trust your photographer + their artistic vision, but never be afraid to speak up if you have ideas of your own! 

#10: Make plans to go out after your session! 

Do something fun the night after your session– you’re going to look gorgeous and feel so empowered – don’t let that amazing energy go to waste! Plan a date night or go out with the girls, whatever you do, make it exciting!

I truly hope that this helps make your session the most unforgettable Experience! 
Whether you choose me, or another photographer… know that you deserve this.


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