The Boudoir Experience has stole my heart completely - so here I am - wanting to share it all with you!

My WHY: I'm Billie, the founder and Professional Photographer at Boudoir by Billie photography studio located in Ashland, MO just minutes outside of Columbia, MO. As a curvy, plus size foodie myself, spreading body positivity is an absolute must. As women, we have to stick together and support each other - I strongly believe that lifting each other up is an important role in loving ourselves as well. My main goal as a Professional Boudoir Photographer, and woman in general, is to show each and every single woman that they are beautiful just as they are in this moment of their life. Once you've experienced boudoir for yourself, you'll want to share the love and positive feelings you get with everyone around you. Absolutely NO sizes or shapes are excluded in the Boudoir by Billie Experience - there's beauty to be found in each and every single one of us. Let me show you.

What are you waiting for? { Contact me } to get your journey to complete self love started. The time is now.

Inside Columbia Magazine

Billie Stock Photography & Boudoir by Billie was awarded and recognized as one of the TOP 3 BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS in Columbia, MO by the Inside Columbia Magazine! This is all thanks to YOUR nominations, voting and love!

As we continue to spread love and positivity to one another, we will go so far together! Thank you so very much for helping us reach this amazing achievement!

{ See the final results in Inside Columbia Magazine }

{ Some random facts about me... }
~ Cat mom to 2 handsome gray tabbies
~ Frozen custard & Chinese food are my weakness
~ Cuddling up on the couch is my favorite past time
~ Stargazing and day dreaming soothes my soul
~ Love late night conversations & laughing way too loud
~ Always singing along to music like there's no tomorrow
~ My netflix "recently watched" includes :
The Office, Parks & Rec, That 70's show, Friends

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