How to emotionally prepare for your Boudoir Session

So you’ve booked your boudoir session, and you’re super excited! Hell yes! But it is all to common for the nerves to kick in once the dust from the initial excitement settles, and now you’re sweating..

All of those little reasons you kept putting this off keep getting more + more clear, and you can’t help but worry “Is this the right time? Am I ready? Did I make a mistake by booking my session?” The emotions are starting to get the better of you… but guess what? All of this is totally normal! And I’ve got a few ways to help you work through it, in order to still get the most of out of your empowering experience. 


Think of it as bungee jumping: the concept is so much more terrifying than the actual experience. You’re standing at the edge of the platform thinking “what the hell am I thinking!?” but then you take the leap of faith (booking your experience), and for a few seconds you’re free falling, and it’s terrifying. But then the rope catches you, and it’s not nearly so scary: hell, it’s even fun! Look at it this way, I’m your rope! I am your girl! I will be with you 100% of your session. Do note that it’s completely normal to be nervous - but I’ve got you, you can do this!


What do you want to get out of your session? What do you want this experience to do for you? Boudoir is the most powerful experience, especially when you are able to focus on an intention, and bring that into your session. You could have multiple intentions, and your intention can even just be as simple as “facing your fears” or something deeper. We don’t judge.


 Affirmations are such powerful tools to help invite more positive energy into our lives, because let’s face it… we all need it. You can use these whenever you’re feeling nervous, flustered, or really anything less than your highest self. You can use them leading up to your shoot, and even during your shoot - you can repeat them back to yourself to be your own hype girl.. Although I am definitely here to be your hype girl, always! Here are some of my favs: 

 • I am worthy of celebrating myself as I am right now.

 • I am strong. 

 • I am deserving of joy, love, and peace. 

 • I am perfect just the way I am. 

 • My body is my vessel. 


Still feeling those nerves? Take a deep breath, hold it, let it out, and repeat. It’s go time babe! Let’s do this!

I hope that we were able to give you a few ways to calm your nerves and get you prepared to slay your session (we never had any doubts to begin with). 



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What’s included in my Session Fee?

You are obviously considering booking your very own experience if you are asking yourself this question. That being said… HELL YES! We are so excited you’ve made it here and we’re PROUD OF YOU!

As you know by now, our session fee is due up front to hold your date on our calendar : $495. This fee does SO a much more than just hold a date and has value built right in!

What does it include? The short answer to your question is, so many good things! The longer and more detailed answer is…

Our $495 Session Fee includes;

- 2.5 hour Boudoir Experience in our Studio

- In Studio Professional Makeup Application

- False Lashes, yaaaassssss babe!! 

-  Professional Hair Styling by the best stylists!

This is a time for you to do something for YOU! You’re ready to feel empowered. You’re ready to feel sexy. You’re ready to feel YOU again. And our team is here to help you!

That’s definitely not all… here’s some more!

- 1 Outfit of Your Choice (Additional outfit changes are available to add-on!)

- White Sheet, omg yes pleaseeeee! 

- Classy Nudes, no explanation needed here!

- Prep Magazine sent to your email upon booking.. this is soooooo important to look over! It’s going to tell you every little thing you need to know and plan for!

- Styling & Pose Coaching the entire Session, because none of us are professional models here. 

- Photo Reveal 

- Ordering Appointment + Payment Plan Options

Now that you have a better understanding of everything that is included in this fee, doesn’t it make more sense to spend this amount of money upfront?

Think of it as a day full of pampering… that’s what it is. We encourage you to take advantage of the hair, makeup and the bad-ass confidence you have afterwards!

Plan to go out for date night, or drinks with friends. It is a feeling you won’t ever forget! It will be so worth it.

I’ve spent *years* perfecting my craft for you to have an amazing and unforgettable Experience in my hands. I’ve read all the blogs, done all the workshops, worked with over 600 women to get here to CREATE with you!

I am BEYOND honored to be able to make YOU into art. Make this investment in yourself. You’re more than worth it, babe!

I hope that we were able to help you in making your decision to book your own Experience with us. You wont regret it!

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Should I lose weight for my Boudoir Session?

We hear it all the time. Like, seriously… allllllllllll the time. 

“I’m going to book once I lose that stubborn 15lbs!” ✋

“Once I reach my goal weight — then I will do a boudoir session.” ✋

“If I could just get the baby weight off, then I will be in for a shoot!” ✋

I mean I get it, I’ve been there.. But girrrrlllllll… STOP IT! ✋

You want to feel beautiful + empowered at your boudoir session.. It’s an investment of time and money, so why not be damn sure that you are going to be happy with the results. I get it.

But, here is the thing - you are already beautiful and perfect the way you are, right now! I know it’s hard to believe. So what if you don’t lose weight? Will you turn down all of the things you wish you could until your body is your idea “perfect?” Will you miss out on all of life’s opportunities because of 15 measly extra pounds?

I’m here to give you a few reasons why I strongly believe that you should still book your experience, regardless of whether you have lost weight or not!

1. Your session is **definitely** going to boost your confidence!

Every single person who has done a boudoir session with us have told us exactly how much this helped to boost their confidence. Regardless of the size you are right now, there is something so damn empowering about letting yourself be both so vulnerable in front of our camera. You deserve this experience, think of it as a strong dose of self-care!

2. You don’t have to bare all!

Most women who want to lose weight before their shoot are trying to do so because they don’t feel comfortable with how they look naked or that they do not feel beautiful because of their size. However, the beauty behind your session is that you call the shots and tell us what you feel most comfortable with.

You definitely don’t have to get naked if you do not want to, that is NEVER something required during a session. We’ve even had clients who’ve worn things like : cardigans or robes to feel more comfortable during their session.

And let me tell you.. You are still going to look like a QUEENNNNNN! There are also soooooo many ways to get creative with posing, there is endless opportunity there!

We’re going to create YOU into artwork!

A boudoir session is about you finding yourself and getting to see yourself through the eyes of an artist who finds you BREATHTAKING!

Whenever we hear someone say that they can’t do a boudoir shoot because they are “too big,” the first thing that comes to mind is : that is the exact reason why you need to do a boudoir session, RIGHT NOW.

These sessions have helped so many ladies come out of their shell and find an overwhelming amount of self confidence! And this could be you too if you trust yourself just a little bit, babe!

Let’s celebrate YOU! Cause let’s face it — you are GORGEOUS just the way you are! And so damn strong. Don’t wait for something to change to start celebrating yourself. 



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