What NOT to do at your Boudoir Session.. { Boudoir by Billie / Columbia, MO Boudoir Photographer }

So, you were probably thinking you were going to come to this blog post
and it would list 101 things NOT to do at a boudoir session. You wanted
to make sure that you were well prepared for your future session with
Boudoir by Billie… Read on.

When I was a young girl, I remember
standing in line at the grocery store with my mom staring at the
magazine covers. “WHAT NOT TO WEAR”, “Don’t make this #1 makeup
/wardrobe mistake”, “How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days”, “Get skinny for
summer with this insane diet trick”… and the list goes on. and on. and
on. Now, that’s not the only place I saw things like this. Televisions,
commercials, the radio.. They were engraved into the back of my mind
that very moment. Am I sparking any memories for you as well?

up as an overweight withdrawn computer-nerd, I was desperate to fit in.
I looked to my mother and siblings for advice and guidance because they
were my definition of perfect women. I always wondered why I didn’t
have the “perfect” skinny body or look like the women on TV and in the
magazines at the grocery store. I grew up being teased for my weight
daily and once I got old enough to realize that it wasn’t okay.. I
started to try and spread happiness to other women instead of the hate I
had experienced my whole childhood. I found my deep love for boudoir in
the last few years and it has been nothing less than amazing.
Seriously.. It has stole my heart completely. Boudoir by Billie is all
about uplifting each other and celebrating our bodies.. Just as they are
in this moment. And I am so glad that YOU are here on this journey to
celebrate with me. Thank you.

Well, you’re probably wondering what NOT to do at a Boudoir session… You do NOT need to lose 50 pounds or even gain 50 pounds. You do NOT need to hide your body or your
beautiful curves. You do NOT need to hide your stretchmarks, bellies or
bumps. You do not need to wear something 2 sizes to big to hide behind.
Your breasts are fine just as they are. Your booty IS big enough &
good enough for a Tush Tuesday shot. You are NOT too thin to look good
in photos. You do NOT need to worry. What you should do is love and
praise your body, which is one reason why you are booking a boudoir
session in the first place. Embrace every inch and remember that your
body is what gives you life. You breathe, walk, talk and exist on this
earth because of your beautiful body. Without your body, that carries
you, you would not be here with us. You are perfect. I promise.

Boudoir for every. body. Let me help capture your sexy, feminine side.
Celebrate YOU. Contact me to book your very own boudoir session.

{ Alexia } Boudoir Babe Session Interview

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: I work overnights at a hotel, which makes for a lousy
social life but an easy job. Since I work so late I don’t usually have a
reason to dress up very often, you can usually find me cozy in a
t-shirt on the couch, with my boyfriend and my doggie.

Q: What makes you feel beautiful and feminine?

A: Of course being dressed up, hair and makeup done makes me feel feminine, beauty is a different story. I have always loved my features but felt undervalued in that aspect. I owe a lot of my self confidence to my boyfriend for helping me see that beauty in myself, when he looks at me, I can see in his eyes how much he means it. Just as these photos did, He makes the flaws I see in myself disappear, he brings out the beauty I feel inside, with him I feel like the most beautiful person in the world. :)

Q: What were your thoughts before booking a Beauty & Boudoir session with Billie?

A: I was really excited about doing this session, I had never had professional photos done before, I spent weeks shopping for the perfect lingerie! When the day came I was pretty anxious/nervous because I’ve never seen myself in this way from another persons perspective, but as we started I came crawling out of my antisocial shell, into a woman I never knew I could be!

Q: How did you feel when you saw your photographs for the very first time?

A :My breath literally caught in my throat when I saw them, I just was at a loss for words. All I could do was smile and stare at myself. I can honestly say this is the best I’ve ever felt about myself! Struggling with an awkward maturing body most of my life I have never even felt comfortable enough to wear a swim suit, but after this session my confidence is soaring so high, it may never come down again! Billie has made a very, very vain lady out of me.. ;)

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole experience?

A: My
favorite part of the shoot was the energy in the room, Billie is so
professional and friendly and so brilliant in her skill, there was
absolutely no point where I felt weird or uncomfortable. I was
unapologetically myself, and so at ease!

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?

A: To anyone booking a session, you will not be disappointed, I mean the photos speak for themselves (she an absolute genius at what she does) but with Billie you get the full experience; confidence, comfort and professionalism. A fun and beautiful experience I will never forget!

Q: Would you be interested in doing another session with Billie?
A: I will definitely be going back to Billie for ANY future photos!

Be bold. Be sexy. Be beautiful.
Contact me to book your very own session today!

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{ Averie - Beauty & Boudoir Session / Interview } Columbia, MO Boudoir Photographer

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!

A: My name is Averie! I’m 30 and work retail which I don’t recommend for anyone trying to save money! I have 2 kids, 3 & 7, which means I wear active wear or sweats all day everyday. I rarely brush my hair, let alone put on makeup or shower.

Q: What makes you feel beautiful and feminine?

A: What makes me feel beautiful or feminine is when I do make it to
the shower and am able to fix my hair and put on some makeup, especially
after feeling frumpy in my sweats. It seems really simple but
sometimes its so exhausting just to manage the shower part. But it
makes a huge difference in my attitude, day, and my interactions during
the day.

Q: What were your thoughts before booking a Beauty & Boudoir session with Billie?

A: When I initially set up the session, I was super excited to be
able to put on sexy clothes, have my hair and makeup done. I wondered
how long I could let my hair go without having to wash so I could stay
in my “beautiful and sexy” mindset haha…turned out only one day. But
the expirerence stuck with me and I felt beautiful long after the shoot
was over and hair was washed.

Q: How did you feel at your in-person reveal/ordering session
when you saw your photographs for the very first time? What did you
decide to order?

A: I was anticipating the photos immediately after
the shoot, and I was borderline stalker texting Billie anxious for a
sneek peeks. Once she posted one, I was so surprised that I could look
like that, it had been so long since I looked as beautiful as I felt.
Of course I blew her messages up even more. During my reveal I was so
please with the pictures that I wanted them all, which as women we are
so critical of ourselves and our body images that we rarely embrace how
beautiful we are. There was one picture in particular that I loved and
it was one I was smiling in. In the beginning I had specifically said
“I’m not smiling, I hate my teeth.” To see myself smiling showing my
“hated teeth” and in lingerie I haven’t wore since I had kids was the
biggest self confidence boost I’ve had in a long time. I was ecstatic
and told her I wanted to set up payments plans for disc with my pictures
on it. The payments work for me since I’m a mom and limited on extra
cash and I wanted them on a disc because I wanted to be able to decide
when and how I would use the pictures.

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole experience?

A: My favorite part of the whole experience was the end result and
seeing a side of myself that I haven’t seen in years. It made me feel
amazing. Not to mention I was so comfortable with Billie and Marisa
during the shoot, we were so at ease with each other like maybe we had
been friends for years.

Q: Would you be interested in doing another session with Billie?

A: I would definitely consider doing more sessions with Billie and Marisa. Loved working with both of those amazing ladies.

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?

A: If your thinking about it, do it. There is some part of you that
can muster confidence to think you want to so you need to act on it.
You know you’re beautiful and sometimes it takes a picture to prove it.
I know seeing my pictures made me feel like a beautiful bad-ass mom.
Who cares if you have a thigh gap or if its chub-rub, who cares if your
barely and “A” cup or double “HH”. Rock those big butts, tiny boobs,
and take something from it, like a dose of “I can do this, and I’m going
to look banging!”

Be bold. Be sexy. Be beautiful.
Contact me to book your very own session today!

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