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What is included in the
Experience Session Fee? 

Get ready to be pampered like never before! We have an amazing professional in-house Makeup & Hair Stylist that will ensure you look and feel like an absolute goddess. You arrive with a clean face & dry hair, we do the rest! Take advantage of our complimentary Client Boutique with lingerie sizes ranging from XS - 4X and shoes ranging from size 6-11.

Digitals + Photos purchased separately.
1-6 Month Payment plans available.

What kind of Products
do you offer?

We offer only the finest of quality luxury items for you to showcase your beautiful images for life. Genuine Leather Layflat Albums, Flawless Metal Wall Prints, Gold Glass Heirloom Boxes, Retro Viewfinders, Digital files & more. We will sit down together to design your absolute dream Collection as well as work with your personal budget.

All products purchased separately at your Reveal & Ordering appointment. Average investment $2200. 1-6 month payment plans available.


You're worth investing in. We also understand working with a budget range. We proudly offer interest free Payment Plans for 1 - 6 months. It's SO easy, simple and stress free. We sit down to review your images at your Reveal & Ordering Appointment, once you've decided on what to order, we take your total & split it into however many payments you'd prefer for your personalized budget. This payment is taken out automatically on the 1st or 15th of each month. Your products will be ordered once your last payment is received. Use PayPal Credit as a secure way to pay in full but still work with your budget / have a payment plan. Click here to apply.

Where is Boudoir by Billie located?

The Boudoir by Billie Photography studio is located on the outskirts of Columbia, MO. We are in Ashland, MO - just minutes from the South side of Columbia. Take a short drive to come hang with us for the afternoon and change your life forever.

Do you travel?

We love to travel - inquire for a quote for us to come to your area. Our studio is all set up and ready for you if you're willing to make the drive! We have clients come from all over the US and would be honored to work with your needs.

Inside the Studio

Enjoy the bright, all natural light, 750 square ft. walkout studio with a modern chic / industrialized feel throughout! Located just minutes outside of Columbia, MO.

2101 W Broadway 
Ste 208
Columbia, MO 65203

* Sessions by Appointment Only *
Contact Billie for more information.

I'm not a model... Can you help pose me?

ABSOLUTELY. You don't need to worry one bit about this. Each and every single woman you see on our website is just like you. We don't work with models. We will pose you throughout the entirety of your Experience to ensure you look and feel your absolute best. We move your arms, legs, hair & fix your lingerie constantly! 

Is Boudoir for me?

This is such a popular question and the most simple answer is YES. Every single woman you see on our website is a regular woman just like you. You may be nervous, but Boudoir is all about finding yourself and loving yourself in a new light. You can do it, and we'll help every step of the way!

Do my images have to be shared?

We will NEVER SHARE WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION. This is completely up to you. Although most of my clients want to share with the world, or AT LEAST the private VIP group or on instagram, you don't have to share at all unless you're comfortable.

What do I wear? Do I have to get naked?

We have a long list of recommendations on where to purchase lingerie and even offer some for purchase / for use free in the Client Boutique during your Experience! You do NOT have to go nude - you choose how to dress that is comfortable for you.

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