HEY BABES! So glad you’re here.

If you’ve been following along in the VIP FACEBOOK GROUP for a year or longer, you know that  our community has been growing a million miles per minute (AHH!) We’ve got so many new & beautiful faces around, so I thought I would introduce myself and give you a little tid-bit of why I do what I do. If you’re an avid-follower or a newbie, you’ll most def learn a little about me in this blog post!

I cant even count how many times I’ve had someone ask me.. ”WHY BOUDOIR?”, “How’d you get into photography?!”, “Why are you so awesome?!” … just kidding on that last one ;)! I’ve been fascinated with photography since I was a young girl. Okay, not this young, but how freaking cute is this picture of me and my dad from the ’90s?!

I’ve dabbed in other art genres, but ya know, the camera just felt the best and I could create EXACTLY what I was envisioning. I’ve had a camera in my hand since I can remember. My first digital camera was a huge, boxy, hunk of plastic that created pixely/blurry images, but that was enough to make me happy. My parents got me the camera for my birthday & this was definitely a big investment for them in the very early 2000’s. But shortly after, they could see their investment would pay off. I absolutely NEVER put the damn thing down!

Fast-forward a little bit to “grown-up” B. You could find me spending most of my time organizing/sizing jean walls, re-stocking shirts and cleaning fitting rooms working in retail. I was also doing photography jobs on the side and it just wasn’t fueling my heart. I knew something had to change. I buckled down and learned everything I could about running a full-time-solo-bad-bish photography business.  I spent thousands upon thousands upgrading my camera equipment, getting new lenses, buying all the professional programs and setting up my websites. I was ready. Or so I thought.

I dabbled in EVERY SINGLE kind of photography you could ever image. Seriously. I’ve done it all. I still wasn’t as happy as I knew I could be, but I didn’t know what was missing. But then, one magical day, I stumbled upon some Boudoir communities. I honestly couldn’t believe how beautiful & sexy it was. I could see the women being empowered through these other boudoir-graphers images and I had an immediate spark in my heart. I wanted to show women of all shapes & sizes how beautiful they were. I wanted to erase that self-doubt  were taught from a young age.

I started out by shooting some images of my sister in my house. She wore a sports bra & sporty panties, and we just did what we could with what I had available at the time. (Here’s one of my VERY FIRST boudoir photos I ever took in that space!)

Fast-forward even more, I had met Marisa (C’mon… you all know my bestie, Marisa! Hair & makeup guru!) because I had photographed her wedding. We quickly became friends and kept bouncing business ideas back and fourth. I told her I had dreamed and imagined a boudoir studio - or just a studio in general - but I didn’t have the income or the know-how to get it started. We jokingly came up with opening a studio in the upstairs of my home… And that’s how we came to be. Seriously. I started my VERY FIRST BOUDOIR STUDIO IN MY HOME! THAT I RENTED! We shot there for 2 years and grew an insane amount in a small amount of time. Our clients were amazing and I knew I didn’t want to stop there, so I kept working and working until I finally found my STOREFRONT studio in Ashland, MO. Here’s a photo of my bestie, Marisa (cause isn’t she so damn cute?!) plus our FIRST ever studio!

My clients mean the ABSOLUTE world to me. I’ve worked with over 400
women and I have absolutely no intention of stopping. My dream is to
live a life working with an empowering as many women as possible… and
we’re well on our way.
To see my clients grow from a woman with very
little confidence
to a blossomed-bad-bish with more self-love than she
could ever imagine
… It warms my heart. THIS
is why I do Boudoir. It’s not about wearing lacy undies and pretty bras
(but lets be real, we all love that too!)

Boudoir is all about:

finding WHO you are as a woman,
looking in the mirror and naming all the things you love about yourself,
realizing your true worth and beauty,
empowering other women to be shamelessly feminine & sexy,
and just being able to be OURSELVES. 100%. No shame.
And so much more…..

How fu*king amazing is that?!

I am as in love with boudoir as the day I stumbled upon it.

This community is here because of YOUR SUPPORT and love.
Thank you for reading.

With all the love,

Contact me HERE with questions or booking inquiries!

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