{ Rainy days & Thankfulness } Boudoir by Billie / Columbia MO / Ashland MO / Self Love Boudoir Experience

If you’ve been active on social media today, you know I have been posting + being sappy. If you know me personally, you know that I tend to get in my feels! Hold onto your seats… this is for you!

The studio door is wide open today
+ so is my heart.

I am accepting to the needed fresh air, cool breeze + as a result,
I sit at my desk reflecting as the rain pitter patters on the ground right outside the studio.

Awe fills my heart + in my feelings a bit - I took a moment to think about how absolutely GRATEFUL I am for having every single one of you with me on this journey.

You’re trusting in me + vulnerable… so, I’ll be real with you
Some days it’s hard to be the “bad-ass boss babe” you have come to know
me as, who generally leads the way for others in a positive way
uplifting others.

I remembered the ways you all have lead ME in the right direction +
reminded me that I am right where I should be when I needed a little nudge.

My heart is full.

Our community takes up a big special place in my heart
+ I hope it does in yours as well. The love, support + positivity I
feel from my clients makes my life more full and enjoyable in all the
ways. It makes the hard days so worth it.

We are a team. We stick together.

Changing the way women view themselves + their body is my goal. Everyone deserves to know their worth.

I wouldn’t be here without you.

This journey would mean nothing without you.So, THANK YOU. You are amazing.

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