Hey there, Gorgeous!

First of all, I just want to say THANK YOU to whoever is reading this. Seriously. Words can’t describe how much my lil-ol-heart has enjoyed and cherished having you on this journey with me. I’ve grown immensely as a woman since having the pleasure of working with all of you! Being a Boudoir Photographer for me is more than JUST being a photographer and making money. It’s more than just a JOB for me to pay my bills. It’s about reaching as many women as I can and sharing as much of my love and body positivity as possible. It’s about creating and being a part of a community where women of all shapes, sizes and ages can come together for support, love and sometimes even a good laugh in the VIP group! Without YOU - Boudoir by Billie couldn’t be where it is in this moment in time. YOU HELPED ME GET HERE and I am forever thankful and grateful for all of the continued love and support thrown my way these last few years. Now that the sappy stuff is out of the way…

So back on track - we’re here to talk about Boudoir by Billie STUDIO SPACES! Since I was 17 years old, I have had a huge goal and dream to open up my own studio… but when I was finally ready to open up shop, all I had was a big upstairs in my current home. I was extremely determined and ready to share my body positivity and love all the while photographing women and making them feel like queens! So guess what? I made the best out of what I had in my hand at the time… Which wasn’t much! Here’s our very first studio! Boudoir by Billie officially opened its doors in 2015 in the upstairs of my home in Columbia, MO.

Although my in-home studio was a great step in the direction I wanted to go, I still had bigger dreams and goals to achieve for myself, my business and my clients (you all!) It has always been important to me to provide the best experience possible, and a bigger studio was a necessity. Fast forward to 2018 and every single day I am daydreaming of big city studios that seem so out of reach due to my area and budget range. Despite my own doubts about being able to afford / find a new studio that would be perfect, I didn’t give up on my dreams & one day I stumbled
across a space online that I could honestly imagine having my studio in. I
pick up the phone to call immediately to set up a viewing appointment to see if it is all it’s cracked up to be from the photos I saw on the listing.

I pull up and I’m already in love from the brick outside & it’s snuggled nicely between a few other local business in quaint Ashland, MO. I walk in & the entire front room is wrapped in extremely beautiful natural light. I can’t help but notice that it’s got immense character. There’s modern industrial chic vibes I have been dying to have in my life and photographs with the
genuine brick walls and concrete flooring… She definitely needed some
work, but nothing a little elbow grease couldn’t help!

Alas - I signed the lease the next morning & my heart was as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning! Then the work began!

Besides the obvious… there was a lot of paperwork, financial planning, budgeting, stressful late nights, barefoot dance parties while cleaning and painting & (lots of) wine drank through this process but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything! Big shout out to Paige, one of my best friends, for helping me paint. She started out as one of my clients in the old studio and grew to be one of my closest friends and even HELP ME with the new space! Big thanks to my amazing sister, Aubrey, dad & step mom for helping move, paint, and decorate! You all are so important to me and I’m grateful you helped me on this new journey as a business front studio owner!

and every day I honestly am still in awe and can’t believe I get to
call this space MINE. Walking into my studio / office, I take a deep
breath & am reminded that I need and deserve to keep pushing forward
& bettering myself in all the ways possible. My mind is always
working in “studio mode,” imagining all of the things I could do to
better your Boudoir Experience. I change little things here and
there on the daily as it will forever be a work in progress cause that’s
just life - right? But I am absolutely in love with the direction we’re
moving and I hope you are too!

LADIES - Let’s be real here… I
HAD SOME DOUBTS BUT I WENT FOR IT ANYWAYS and I am so damn glad that I
did! And guess what? I would say that’s pretty relatable to you &
jumping head first into your own Boudoir by Billie Experience. I would
be absolutely honored for to photograph you here! Taking the first step
to BOOK your session is absolutely the hardest part, I promise! We’ll be
here every step of the way with detailed explanations and I will
personally educate you until you’re fully confident for your photography session and ready to be pampered when you walk through the studio.

** For those of you still reading this, I want to say Thank You & extend something EXTRA special to you. When booking your Boudoir Experience HERE, use the code “NEWSTUDIO” at checkout for 25% OFF your Session Fee! Expires August 1st, 2018. **

I appreciate all of you and can’t wait to keep growing! Who knows where
we’ll be in 2019 and I look forward to sharing it with YOU!
Contact me or Click HERE to book YOUR experience!  / { Billie@BoudoirByBillie.com }

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