Why us Mama’s should experience Boudoir

Hi there.. it’s Haylee! Here’s something that’s been weighing on my heart for a while & I wanted to write to you all. From one mama to another, isn’t it true that we lose sight
of ourselves in the mix taking care of our families?! You’ve been there too,

Sometimes we neglect our self-care and forget that we still
have an identity outside being a mom. Behind all the diapers, sweat, food and
yoga pants, there is an amazing woman worthy of love from others, but more
importantly…. from herself.

I’ve been on both sides of Boudoir! I’ve done a session PLUS now I work with BXB as the Studio Manager!

Here’s my top 5 reasons why us mamas NEED to do a Boudoir Session!

1. Self-care is a NECESSITY, not a luxury and something we tend to put on the back
burner – To give the best to our families, we need to give to ourselves. We
need to take the time to enjoy an experience and be reminded of how amazing we

2. Your body is PERFECT exactly how it is – Don’t say you will do it when you lose __lbs.
We’ve all heard that our stretchmarks are beautiful, and that our bodies created
human beings… But we don’t believe it.

3. Spend some of your hard-earned money on YOURSELF, mama – like for real. How many
little toys or treats have you bought for your kids in the last year? How many
times have you put something back on the shelf that you wanted for yourself? Our
kiddos will not suffer if they don’t get a toy or a treat every time you go to
the store.

4. Taking care of yourself plays an important part of showing your children how important it
is to take care of yourself and your mental – In a world where mental health is
such a touchy, hush hush topic, we need to set the example for our children of
taking time for ourselves. Do things that make us happy and love ourselves

5. You ARE making the world a better place – Each woman that loves themselves more, has
more love to give to others, it’s a proven fact.

Deciding to take the leap is terrifying and may push you
outside of your comfort zone, but honestly that is why you’re here. I promise
you, that being uncomfortable will cause growth. Start your journey of
self-love, and celebrate the total babe that you are! 

You’re so appreciated.


As a mama myself, I know exactly how you are feeling. 

I would love to talk to  you about your very own experience!

–> Let’s schedule your BOUDIE call! 

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