Introducing… Miss Rebekah { Boudoir by Billie / Boudoir Photography Studio / Columbia, MO }

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!
A: “I’m a single momma of three beautiful little women! Ava - 4, Anya - 1 & Ariella - 2
months. I work full time as a medication aide.”

Q: What makes you feel beautiful and feminine?

A: “This is a really hard question for me. This photoshoot I did with Billie made me feel more beautiful & feminine then I ever have… because it’s been so long since I have cared for myself. I’m always caring for my kids, & they make me feel beautiful of course when they tell me how pretty I look even when I know I’m a hot mess from being at work. Their words of encouragement are heartfelt and wonderful! But it was nice to dress in pretty lace and put make up on for once!”

Q: What were your thoughts before booking a Boudoir session with Billie?

A: “I’ll be honest, I woke up that morning excited… but did not want to go. I kept thinking of the millions of things I had to do at home, and that Monday was the only day I had off for another four days…I needed to do the dishes, do the laundry, and care for kids. I didn’t want to push it off on my mom, so I could go be pampered for a day.. How selfish is that! Incredibly selfish… but I told myself you won’t regret it if you go… you will enjoy it…this will be something fun and you NEVER DO ANYTHING for yourself. So I did!”

Q: How did you feel when you saw your photographs for the very first time?

A: “There isn’t even a word, in the English language that could possibly describe the way I felt! I was, mesmerized, shocked, happy, emotional...was this really me? Am I seeing myself for the first time because it sure fees like it! I am glowing! I am radiant and beautiful, and I can genuinely say that, I am freaking fabulous.”

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole experience?

A: “The positive environment, the laughing, Billie showing me the pictures on her camera after she had just snapped the picture, saying,” girl you gotta look at this you’re gorgeous!” Instead of just being strictly there trying to get the job done & move on to whatever else she had to do, she took time with me. She made me feel gorgeous inside and out with her helpful coaching & constant encouragement of how wonderful I looked!

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?

A: JUST DO IT! I have already had two sessions! Don’t even question it! Do it for you & no one else. I can’t even begin to describe how, much this has helped me, feeling low & just down and out.. this whole experience made me love ME again. And that is so important. Billie literally coached me through everything from outfits, every position, from your toes, to your legs, to your arms and hands. She will literally help you in every way when it comes to posing for these photos, you don’t have to be a model. You will never ever, wake up one day and regret doing a boudoir session with Billie… I mean, really… you’ll wake up and question it everyday if you don’t do it. I can promise you that after taking the chance and loving yourself just enough to put yourself out there and do this, you will forever be grateful.”

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