Q: Why did you choose to do a Boudoir Session?
A: I chose to do a session with Billie because I had seen all of her amazing work and I knew I wanted to see myself how I saw all of her other clients - beautiful and confident.

Q: What were your thoughts before booking the Boudoir by Billie Experience?
A: I was really excited more than anything. I knew I wanted boudoir pictures of myself for years but it seemed like it was just a dream. I didn’t think my body was anywhere near ready to be photographed so I honestly wasn’t really planning on doing them when I did.

Q: How did you feel BEFORE your session V.S. how you felt DURING / AFTER the Experience?

A: Before my session I was READY until the morning of my shoot.. I got so nervous. I was worried about how my outfit would look, how my hair and make up would look, if my panties I brought were going to be too tight and unflattering, if I would be able to pose like she needed me to. During and after my session I felt like a DAMN QUEEN. My hair and make up we’re perfect. She made me so comfortable while she was shooting. She showed me how to pose, fixed my hair and outfits so they were flattering in every picture, posed me in ways that made my body look it’s best. She showed me the back of the camera after a few shots and I was like, THAT’S ME, I look like that! We laughed and joked and I felt like I was with one of my best friends. I was so relaxed and I felt so beautiful.

Q: How did you feel when you saw your photographs for the very first time?
A: I was amazed. I was looking at the pictures in complete shock like holy shit, that’s really me.

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole EXPERIENCE?
A: My favorite part of my experience was honestly just how I felt. I was relaxed and comfortable - even half naked walking around the studio I’m front of this lady I had just met. Billie is such an empowering woman and kept telling me how great I looked and how good my pictures were going to be the entire time.

Q: Did a boudoir session with Billie change the way you see yourself?

A: Absolutely. Starting before I even left the studio. I felt like a goddess when I left and after seeing my pictures and seeing what I really look like when I’m not being critical of myself was the best feeling ever.

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?
A: DO IT. You will not regret it for a single second. Everyone needs to see what they look like on the other side of Billie’s lens.


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