{ Fine Art Luxury Albums }

Okay gorgeous ladies… It’s 3AM and I couldn’t sleep. I was daydreaming about glitter, flowers and beautiful faces in front of my camera. Then it hit me. I have these beautiful albums just waiting to have their photographs taken for the website. I just could NOT wait to share these photographs with you.

This is something that is so extremely important to me. These beautiful Luxury Albums are just absolutely incredible to showcase your Beauty & Boudoir photographs. It’s so important to see and hold your photographs in your hand. Digital files are nice, but they just don’t do your pretty little face’s justice! Plus you can’t physically hold and touch them. Most likely, the flash drive will sit in your desk and gather dust instead of being displayed beautifully. There’s just something about the feeling of an actual album in your hand.. The smooth cover, the beautiful colors, and the glimmer of the light over the photographs as you turn the pages. The Italian leather even smells fabulous! Just take a look for yourself & let me know what you think in the comments! The Luxury album photographed here is a 9x6 wrapped in the nude premium leather. Lucky for you this is available as one of the Keepsake Packages or even a la carte! Perfect for sharing with a loved one or just keeping it for yourself to remember how absolutely gorgeous you are!

*Beauty & Boudoir by Billie is a unique & absolutely perfect gift for anniversaries, special wedding day gift to your groom and even the fast-approaching holidays!*

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