Does BOUDOIR make you love yourself?

When is the last time you truly felt confident in yourself or felt any large amount of love for yourself and your body? 

If it took you a long time to think about that… it’s been just too long, huh? Maybe the answer was never. To tell you the truth, that’s completely normal and you are ABSOLUTELY not alone in this. EVERY single one of our babes who have braved Boudoir, has felt the way you do right now. 

It’s honestly just so easy to feel overwhelmed with the stress of everyday life. Stress is one huge thing that takes away our self-confidence and the ability to see the true beauty within ourselves. Yes, Boudoir can make you feel completely vulnerable, but the outcome of a session will make you feel like someone brand new. Our team can and most of the time will strip away all of your fears, anxiety and stress of the world while allowing you to see the person you are inside. 

It is completely normal to need these reminders, and we are here to give you the gift of memory! It’s time we take a stand & change the way you view yourself, help you see the beautiful bada** that we see! You’d be lying if you said you didn’t deserve that for yourself! 

Here’s just a FEW reasons how BOUDOIR can change your life : 

- You walked through that door today thinking negatively about yourself, but guess what.. YOU end up slaying the shoot anyways and that took an INSANE amount of courage. Today, you were courageous. Today you took one for the team and that’s something you’ll never regret.

- During the shoot you saw a few photos of yourself and you were truly beaming, smiling, and laughing. YOU are beautiful. Today, you were happy.

- The outfit you wore made you feel uncomfortable at first, but by the time you took it off you were so in love with the person you saw in the mirror. Today, you grew to love the body you’re in.

- Once you saw your photos, got your album/artwork, you wanted everyone to see them. Today, you decided to love yourself. Today, you opened your eyes and discovered a new and empowered woman.

Welcome to your new and beautiful life babe, you deserve all of it!



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