{ Kimberli - Beauty & Boudoir Session / Interview } Columbia, MO Boudoir Photographer

Q: Tell us a little about yourself!
A: My name is Kimberli! I am a 33 years young. I work at Millers Professional Imaging, a professional photography lab that Billie also prints through, where I get the pleasure of seeing some amazingly talented photographers work come through our lab on a daily basis.

Q: What makes you feel beautiful and feminine?
A: This is a tough
one…sometimes it is getting all dolled up and putting on a fancy dress
but other times I feel really beautiful in my softball gear covered in
sweat and dirt with bruises and cuts. I think our bodies doing amazing
things is what makes us beautiful and getting all glamorous makes me
feel feminine.

Q: What were your thoughts before booking a Beauty & Boudoir session with Billie?
I had lost a ton of weight (over a 100 pounds) about 2 years ago and
really wanted to do a boudoir session once I reached my “goal weight”
which I was 10 pounds shy of. I never reached that goal as my mother and
aunt were both diagnosed with breast cancer and I found less time for
the intense exercise schedule and strict eating habits as I always have
turned to food when stressed. I thought to myself why not still do it?? I
am just as beautiful now and how silly it was to have made that deal
with myself as life is too short and we should celebrate our beautiful
female bodies no matter what size. So I decided to book the session with
Billie and celebrate my body the way it was.

Q: How did you feel at your in-person reveal/ordering session
when you saw your photographs for the very first time?  What did you
decide to order?
A: I was sort of nervous to see the photos…I had
seen the few that she had posted online prior to the reveal and they
were amazing and I was afraid that they were the “good ones” and the
others I may not have looked as good…I was so wrong!!!!! They were
amazing!!!! I was so happy!!!! I remember being super nervous about the
bum shots as I think my bum is not so good and seeing those and
thinking… “not bad girl!!!” I loved all the images so I decided to buy
the digital files…I show everyone with pride! What was your favorite part about the whole experience? I wish I could
say all of it…I would have to say the photo shoot it self…just hanging
with Billie and Marisa was such a pleasure. They made me feel so special
and beautiful!

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?
A: I know people are sometimes hesitant about scheduling with Billie
due to the cost…just remember you get what you pay for. Billie is worth
every penny and Marisa will make you look like a queen. This is a

Q: Would you be interested in doing another session with Billie?
A: Absolutely!!! I have a new hair cut to show off!

Be bold.  Be sexy.  Be beautiful.
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