Jessica / Babe of the Week

Q: Why did you choose to do a Boudoir Session? 

A: I lacked in confidence in myself. I constantly hated the way I looked and never understood why my husband was even attracted to me physically. Then I came across Billie’s page and I knew what I wanted to do. I have never had more confidence in myself and they way I look. I have my pictures now hanging in our room. I want to show them off. It’s empowering.

Q: What were your thoughts before booking the Boudoir by Billie Experience? 

A: I was nervous. Having depression really just blows most of the time. The little depression voice in my mind kept telling me I was dumb for doing this, that I was too ugly to be a sexy as my husband views me as. Then I came in and was blown away by all the positivity that they gave me.

Q: How did you feel BEFORE your session V.S. how you felt DURING / AFTER the Experience? 

A: A lot more confidant and empowered. Like I just stare at my pictures and am like damn she is gorgeous!

Q: How did you feel when you saw your photographs for the very first time? 

A: I was speechless. I was blown away with how great they turned out. By the time I saw these my anniversary was many months away and I just wanted to show my husband and be like BAM! Your wife is hot!!

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole EXPERIENCE

A: Getting all dolled up! I suck at doing makeup and this was an eye opener for me.

Q: Did a boudoir session with Billie change the way you see yourself? 

A: 1000% !!!! I’m starting to love the way I look.

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session? 

A: Just do it! If money is an issue, slowly put it back! It’s worth it not only for the pictures you get but the experience in itself! To have others boost you makes you feel like a thousands bucks!  

THANKS FOR READING THIS BOMBSHELL’S FEATURED SESSION! Your love & support makes this community so amazing & uplifting!

You’re appreciated.


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