How to have a BOUDOIR BODY!

Alright, sit back… Let’s talk about some real ish… Here’s some of the most common things said to me when people are booking a boudoir session: 

“Oh I’d love to, I just want to lose __ pounds first!” 

“I have to get rid of the baby weight before I get into lingerie!” 

“I’m too big/not curvy enough/not the right kind of body for boudoir.” 

Something almost every client I speak to has in common—they don’t believe their body is ready for a Boudoir Session.

All day every day we are bombarded with images of “perfect” bodies on social media, on television, in media, everywhere. We try to change ourselves to match this impossible standard. We wait on experiences and don’t wear the clothes we really want to wear. We don’t book the boudoir session because we think we need to look perfect first. Is that true? 


Society and medias portrayal of the perfect body is quite frankly a joke, and it’s time to start rejecting it. Right now, as you are, is beautiful. Our bodies and what they do are amazing! Some of us have carried babies and brought new life into the world, some of us are survivors of traumas or illness, some of us are being kind to our bodies for the first time in a long time…and that is POWERFUL! That deserves to be CELEBRATED! Not changed! Not forced into an impossible standard of beauty to feel “worthy” of being photographed. We are all worthy of showing love to ourselves and being photographed exactly as we are. Right now.

“Extra pounds”, our gray hairs, body hair, scars, stretch marks and all. Seriously.

We work with & capture women. REAL. DAMN. WOMEN. All amazing women. Nobody is “perfect”, but at the same time, we truly all are in our own ways.

On top of all of this, at your session, my team is here to make you feel and look your best. With some hair and makeup to accentuate your beautiful features, some stunning lingerie, and my help with posing throughout your session, you’ll feel like a bombshell in no time. No changes to your body required.  

You’ve got this. I believe in you.

Let’s chat about taking the next step.
See you soon!


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