{ FLORAL WALL / 2019 Studio Updates }

Long time no talk, gorgeous! SO. EXCITED. YOURE. HERE.

I always appreciate you tuning in to see what we’ve got going on in the studio. By now you all know that Marisa & I are always working hard to have the VERY BEST space for you to enjoy and utilize during your Boudoir by Billie Experience. We moved into the new space in April and have been changing little by little every day - evolving into US! This is what the current space is looking like… Cozy, right?!

You’re probably wondering what we’re working on right now… And if you FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM, you already know what’s up! But if you don’t, you should go ahead and do that right now - and you also have no idea, and you’re definitely in for a treat!

For months now, we’ve been back and forth on what to put on our very front
wall when you first walk in the door. This also happens to be our
naturally lit STUDIO SPACE as well! This is where all of the magic happens… lame. But true.  ** Here’s a photo of the wall in-use before we decided to cover her with
something bright and fun! It’s still pretty and gives a moody feel, but
we were ready for something different.

We decided to go with a FLORAL wallpaper with a nice, clean, vintage
feel. If you know me, you know that I am not the biggest fan of pink,
but decided to just go with it. Marisa, on the other hand - always yelling at me to add more pink into the decor. We’re getting there… Besides - you have to be a LITTLE girly
sometimes, right? I can’t just have an all black studio (or can i??) ;)

Marisa volunteered herself to help as long as I just “bought the damn thing” - those are her words… she really loves me and how indecisive I can be when making Studio decisions! She’s kind of the best in all the ways if I am being honest! LOVE having her a part of the team here in the Studio! Would you believe me when I say that it only took us AN HOUR AND A HALF, ladies?! Couldn’t have done it without the help from M! PLUS we didn’t even bicker at each other when putting it up!

Can we get a round of applause over here?!

VOILA! Here she is in all of her glory - completely dried, finished and wrapped in the beautiful natural light from our big windows! We can’t WAIT to see what we create with this beautiful wall!

Let us know what you think! Would you want some photos against this wall at your session?! Contact us to book your Boudoir Experience today!

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