Can I Do Boudoir Without a Partner?

I know sometimes the boudoir industry leans heavily into doing sessions as wedding gifts, anniversary presents, etc. “Do it for him”, “For his eyes only”, and all that jazz. But what about those of us that are in a season of life where celebrating ourselves is the focus? 

The question at hand: Are boudoir sessions still for you - even without a partner? 

Short answer- Hell yes. 

Long answer- Here’s the deal. We live in a world that places a LOT of a woman’s value on her relationship status. Which I think is some BS. Who says we need another person to be happy? Some of the most badass women I know have created empires without a ring on their finger. So at the very least, single ladies can and SHOULD do something just for themselves. Getting to look hot and stick it to the patriarchy at the same time–yasssssss, I’m here for it.  

Let me just scream this as loud as possible : your Boudoir Experience should be about YOU!

We all need to feel good about ourselves. A partner thinking we’re hot is awesome. You thinking you’re the hottest babe around? Game changer. There’s something seriously powerful about a woman taking charge of her own confidence and doing a session for her damn self. Getting hair and makeup and dressing up in stunning lingerie. Getting hyped up by the studio team. Seeing those images for the first time. Getting an album to look at to remind herself that she’s a strong, confident, badass woman. Who of us doesn’t need a day of pampering plus a constant reminder of how hot we are in our bodies RIGHT NOW?! 

I want everyone to experience a boudoir session for themselves. Think of someone else getting to see them as a sweet little bonus. Everything else is all about you and how gorgeous you are. 

So…. Single babes. Going through a divorce babes. Doing their own thing babes. I want to see YOUR beautiful faces in the studio this year. You deserve to feel incredible for yourself. Let’s make it happen. This is your time to shine and our team is HERE for you in all the ways!


With love,
the BXB team

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