Babe of the Week / Renee

Q: Why did you choose to do a Boudoir Session?

A: I did this for me! After 5 kids lots of ups and downs I needed something to make me feel pretty again something to show my self no matter you are beautiful and to be treated any less is just unacceptably!!!

Q : What were your thoughts before booking the Boudoir by Billie Experience?

A: My body won’t look right, I can’t take my shirt off and takes pics!! I have had 5 kids there is no way I will like any of the pictures or even look good in them.

Q: How did you feel BEFORE your session V.S. how you felt DURING / AFTER the Experience?

A: Before scared during you start to loosen up and start to feel pretty after omg 😲 I felt like a million dollars!

Q: How did you feel when you saw your photographs for the very first time?

A: I cried!!! See the pictures is the best feeling in the world other than seeing your kids for the 1st time!!

Q: What was your favorite part about the whole EXPERIENCE?

A: The uplifting I got from you both while doing the pics!! Just your words made me feel like I was on top of the world!

Q: Did a boudoir session with Billie change the way you see yourself?

A: Yes!! I see myself through a new set of eyes!

Q: What do you say to anyone thinking about booking a session?

A: Do it don’t wait!!


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