6 of the Best Ways to Showcase Your Boudoir Photos

Here you are, you’ve finally given yourself an amazing, empowering and life changing boudoir experience. You’ve received your beautiful images and you are completely speechless with the way your photos look and how they make you feel about yourself. And now you’re overwhelmed by feeling a huge boost of confidence, strength and self-worth. HELL YESSSSS!

So, the next question is: How do I make this feeling carry into every new day?

Well, we’ve come up 5 of the best options that you can use to showcase those great images to keep your self-love journey going.  

The 5 BEST ways are:

1. Put your pictures up around your closet or a mirror that you use to look at yourself daily.. 

I had a client tell me recently that when she needed a reminder of her worth, she would look at that picture in the morning and it would remind her just how sexy she was before she started the day.  And to me that makes so much sense!  It’s so important  that you start your day off with a mantra reminding yourself how brave + beautiful you truly are.

2. We’ve got an app for you!

Don’t want to hang any photos up in your house but love your images? How does the opportunity to look at ya damn self and celebrate whenever and wherever you are?! Don’t worry, we’ve got an app you.. With this app, you can admire, show off and celebrate these beautiful images throughout the day, everyday. Whatever it may be, you absolutely cannot go wrong with having your images at your fingertips.

So simple to set up and you can have it on your personal phone as well as a significant others. Or…. even your best friends phone! What are best friends for anyways?! ;) You’ll be *obsessed* with the ease of this!

Add-on this option to any collection!

3. You’re art + deserve be on the wall too!

Surprise yourself and your guests by putting up a beautiful large Acrylic of you in your living room. I know you’re thinking –  “OMG.. I could never put my body on display like that!” Well you’re wrong.. because YOU CAN DO IT! The image you display does not have to be uber sexy or revealing either, it could be just a photo where you feel your most beautiful; laughing and wrapped up in the sheets!

Also, our Acrylic wall art products are not an add-on item which means that you can purchase this item by itself a la carte or they are included in most Collections!

4. Which month are you? How about ALL off them!

One of our most popular add-on items is our 12 month calendar! With the new year upon us, how fun and original is that?! Think about it, you get to take 12 pictures from your session and create a calendar, each month is a little more exciting than the last! The perfect gift for an office or just your damn self!

5. Purchase a beautiful box to place your prints in + keep them next to your bed for a perfect little reminder of your strength!

Are you more simple and like options? The Vintage Glass Heirloom Box is the perfect add-on option for you! The box itself is made of metal, glass + has a sliding locking device on the front to ensure your photos are displayed clearly but also protected simultaneously. The perfect item to display next to your bed or even on the coffee table making your photos easy to show off! 

6. How about showcasing your gorgeous pictures in a Genuine Italian Leather Album? 

 The perfect gift or keepsake for anyone would be our Leather Layflat Album. Each album comes with 20+ of your fav photos and you can choose between 12 different cover options! Our albums come in many sizes,  our smallest size being 5X5 and our largest album being 12X12. And although we offer many sizes, our most popular size with our clients is easily the 8X8.  Our Latflat Leather Albums are not an add-on item which means that you can purchase this item by itself a la carte or they are included in most Collections!

I truly hope that this helps you with your decision on how to showcase your images! 
Whether you choose an add-on item paired with a beautiful wall art, an album or maybe even our mobile app, we cannot wait for you to see your images!


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