6 Different Outfits To Slay At Your Session

You’re wanting to book a Boudoir Session, but have no idea what to wear…. right? 

No worries, babe! Picking out an outfit for your boudoir session is all about finding something YOU are comfortable in. If you don’t feel comfortable or sexy in lingerie, don’t wear it! I am here to give you some options (other than lingerie) for you to think of for your upcoming Boudoir Experience, that you more than likely have in your closet right now!

1) Ripped Jeans/ jean shorts + Bralette (HOTTTTTT) 🔥

Posing in ripped jeans + a cute bralette is always a bomb look! And if we are wanting to add some extra sexy to your session, how about leaving those jeans unbuttoned! Instantly elevated!

2) Fishnets 

Seriously a chefs KISS to any session! You cannot go wrong with a pair of fishnets! Although, I feel like this option isn’t as common as they should be. They honestly look so amazing and really set the mood for a dramatic feel… They help shape and define your legs and just add such a sexy element to your images! 

3) Crop Top & your fav pair of panties

Feeling more comfy casual? This might just be the perfect option for you. It’s comfortable, yet sexy and it is a way that you see yourself in the comfort of your own home. Honestly, we want nothing but for you to feel comfortable during your session and if this option helps you accomplish that, let’s do it! This choice will not cause your photos to be any less beautiful.

4) Cozy Sweater, caridigan & long socks

This combination is one that will never go out of style, because who doesn’t love feeling comfy cozy?! It’s casual yet sexy + comfortable, my two fav things. This style is known to help you come out of your shell and it really does show in your photos!

5) Silk or Lace Robe

Okay, first off… hell yes! I mean what a sexyyyy way to show off your body!! Robes can be worn on their own, like pictured above, or paired with some sort of lingerie if you want. Not matter how you style it, it’s definitely a fav of mine! Who wouldn’t want to rock this at their session? STRONG & SEXY

6) Your Birthday Suit

This one is for my more bold + daring babes, the ones that are a little bit more comfortable in their skin + are ready to show it off. Choosing to go nude can be incredibly scary, it’s vulnerable, but so damn beautiful. You cannot go wrong here!

No matter what you feel comfortable, sexy + empowered in, it’ll always make a great outfit for your photos. It is up to you + your comfort level to either bare it all or stay more modest. No matter what you decided to wear, you will be made to feel like the badass that you are! Just remember, YOUVE GOT THIS!



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