Five Reasons You Should Do a Boudoir Session

After being in this biz for so long, I’ve seen SO many reasons for & against a boudoir sesh. I’ve heard the reasons women give themselves to have an amazing opportunity, and the reasons for why they won’t give themselves this opportunity of a lifetime. Some of them just make me truly sad! But…

Today, I’m sharing 5 reasons why you ABSOLUTELY SHOULD experience Boudoir for your damn self!

1. CELEBRATE - from bridal, maternity, dirty thirty birthday or divorce Boudoir…I have seriously seen it all!  Boudoir can be anything you absolutely want it to be. 

Bridal boudoir can be a great way to capture the time before your big day, plus it makes for an AMAZING gift. 

Maternity boudoir is such a beautiful way to
capture the magic between a growing babe and a glowing Mama.

Birthday Boudoir is a whole damn party in itself! Bring along some cupcakes and champagne and let’s do this!

Divorce boudoir is a chance to find yourself again for YOU and to feel empowered. Whatever you are going through in your life… we’re here to help every step of the way.

2. LOVE YOUR BODY — in a world that teaches

women that they need to be bigger, smaller, taller, shorter, older, younger… the list goes on and on… learning to love yourself can be just downright hard. 

It’s about damn time we learn to love ourselves and celebrate ALL that we are in this moment. We are worthy no matter our size or what the scale says. Showcase what you are proud of and what ya momma gave you!

3. CONFIDENCE — how many times do we hear women say, “I love this picture, but I could never do that. I hate this and that about myself.” 

Hey, I get it, t’s not always easy to love yourself.  But let us show you how LIFE-CHANGING Boudoir can be. We have so
many women come into our studio, nervous and insecure….and those same women walk out of our studio, heads held high, with confidence that they didn’t know
existed.  Total QUEEN’S!

So, take a deep breath, trust yourself & our team. Let us help change the way you look at yourself.  Leave those insecurities at the door + let us show you how beautiful you really are right now. Truly!

4. SPECIAL GIFT — most of the time, we see brides gift

boudoir to their spouse-to-be, but honestly boudoir can be a great gift to a significant other as an anniversary gift, birthday, or just because! There are so many reasons to celebrate your relationship, and gifting boudoir is a great way to keep your passion for one another alive! 

I’ve even had clients tell me I helped save their marriage. Boudoir brought a spark back to their relationship that was missing. That’s truly an honor to be a part of!

5. You’ve been waiting for it… DO IT FOR YA DAMN SELF!

YAAASSSSSSS! Let me tell you right now… you don’t even need a “reason” to do boudoir. YOU are worth celebrating.  Your body is worth celebrating.  Who you have grown to be, who you are becoming, all of it is worth celebrating! 

Take this time to treat yourself, feel beautiful, feel confident, feel BADASS. ALL of you deserve the chance to have a Boudoir Experience of your own, to feel pampered and beautiful. 

Stop letting fears and excuses hold you back. We do everything except get you through the doors. Once you’re here, rest assured the BXB team has got you, babe!



With love,
the BXB team

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