3 Biggest Myths about Boudoir!

Girl. Let’s be real. We’ve. Heard. It. All.

While there are a lot of myths surrounding boudoir photography in general, our goal here is to narrow it down to just a few we hear constantly and educate you on why they are WRONG. 

The biggest myth being…..

1. I don’t know how to be sexy/I can’t pull off lingerie!

First of all… you were brought into this world to literally do anything you put your mind to. With that being said, we can tell you with 100% honesty that most if not all of our clients NEVER owned/had worn a single piece of lingerie before coming into their session! And you will 100000% be able to pull off that lingerie!!!!

Start by finding something in your favorite color or fabric, and it doesn’t even have to be a full lingerie set or bodysuit, it could be just a cute bra and underwear! And quite honestly you don’t have to wear anything at all, you would not be the first one who is more comfortable in their own skin rather than lingerie! The white sheets are absolutely perfect for a more natural look / Marilyn vibes!

We’d love to help you find what you are looking for, whether it be from our studio store or from another store, lean on us! We’ll give our professional opinion! Plus, with each of our sessions I will be the one posing you the entire time! You’ve honestly got NOTHING to worry about - promise! We’ve got you from head to toe.

2. Boudoir is expensive and I shouldn’t be spending that much on myself!

Let me start by saying this… YOU deserve to be pampered for the day, whether you are a mom, bride-to-be, newly single, just lost weight, won/fighting a battle nobody knows about, etc. YOU deserve it more than you know! And we have so many options to cater to you.

We hear this more often from our clients who are mommas, they feel guilty spending money on themselves and not on groceries, their kid or bills. We are in no way telling you to skip out on these things, but to know that it is ABSOLUTELY OKAY to spend money on YOURSELF from time to time. You and your body need love too & sometimes we just need a little reminder! Our team considers this experience to be an investment in yourself that you never knew you needed. The effects these images leave on my clients is one that is unexplainable and we are so honored to be able to offer that to our clients. These images show you the fighter that you really are, you have come so far in your own battle and it absolutely shows. So yes, this experience may seem “expensive”, but think of it as investing in your confidence, your self worth. Your future self will thank you & you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

This most likely isn’t something you’ll be doing multiple times a year (unless you want to, let’s go!) and is a once in a lifetime experience for most women. Or so they think until they’re addicted! ;) We have so many different Collection options, packages and payment plans and want to give you the best opportunity to share this experience with us! 

Interested in our payment plans? You can read more about them here

3. I need to lose weight first!

Oh my gosh. THIS is the worst one of them all. Come on… don’t we all need to do a little something first?! There is NO perfect body out there, we don’t care who you ask. Every body is a boudoir body, we will preach that to you all day every day if we have to! There is no rule out there that your body has to be a certain shape or size in order to do this, if that were the case none of us would ever stepped foot through these doors.

We will be the first to tell you that most women we photograph in the studio feel uncomfortable in their skin until they see how beautiful they truly are through these photos. We see it all the time. We’ve worked with OVER 500 women who feel the same exact way as you right now. Your body is a TEMPLE, your body is STRONG, your body is BEAUTIFUL.

Our team is all about body inclusivity & we are all different shapes / sizes and can empathize with any feeling you may have about yourself. We’ve all been there. But we’re here to educate & show you it’s possible to love the body you have RIGHT now in this moment. 

You’re appreciated + we’d be honored to work with you! Thanks for reading.


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